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Five Photos

May 4, 2010

This picture still haunts me. She’s just waiting on top of that hill of trash and hopelessness, waiting for something better. And it reminds me what I want for her, how badly I want to take her away from all the pain and show her God’s love. I love the spontaneity of this picture. At first only […]

Jinotega Dump Slideshow

April 24, 2010

Dirty cheeks and solemn eyes

March 23, 2010

  I can’t forget her eyes. They were not the cheerful eyes of a child. She is only 11 and already she has the tired eyes of a woman who has seen so much trouble. She is so unlike Franky, whose happy eyes and careless grin charm each of us into forgetting his poverty. Each […]

I don’t need a translator to know how good this band sounds

March 23, 2010

Humility seemed like a strange thing to find in a group of competitive high schoolers. But straight from the mouths of students came wisdom. Dim sunlight came through the dusty windows near the tall ceiling of the high school gym. Our group sat in folding chairs with members of the band and gym team (the school’s […]

Three Cowboys and a Mother’s Love

March 14, 2010

3-9-10 Riding in the heavy heat of the bus with the valley’s wind on my face, I watch little Ulisse bounce in the front seat along the bumpy, rural road. We chat with him through our translator. He’s smiling broadly, clutching a worn water bottle as he leads us to his older brother Franky. Suddenly he points […]

Nicaraguan Cowboy

March 10, 2010

  More to come…

Solo Jesus

March 9, 2010

  We worshiped Sunday evening with the Ecclesia de Christo the Mision Para Christo supports in a street-level room with a wide door to the marketplace of Jinotega. It was night and the doors were left open, their Spanish hymns pouring out into the streets. In a room full of people I could only say, […]

Barrios From the Window

March 9, 2010

  As we drove through the country side on our first road trip yesterday, we passed by the “barrios” (neighborhoods) that sprung up in the middle of the dusty fields. The Best Western across from the airport we arrived at in Managua was an American resort, surrounded by walls to keep us surrounded with familiarity. […]