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Five Photos

Give her God's love

This picture still haunts me. She’s just waiting on top of that hill of trash and hopelessness, waiting for something better. And it reminds me what I want for her, how badly I want to take her away from all the pain and show her God’s love.

Smiles all around

I love the spontaneity of this picture. At first only the child in the back of the picture wanted a photo taken of him, but then only seconds before I took the picture his cousins pushed into the frame, giggling mischievously. The whole picture just reminds me of the happy energy these children had with each other.

Joy Songs

This picture makes my heart warm with love for the local children. The party in itself was such a blessing, but seeing these children sing the fun Christian children’s songs with joy similar to children I knew in the U.S. was absolutely a joy. Their happy faces reminded me that Christianity is not such a serious burden; it’s a joy to be a part of.

Frankie's Heritage

I was so honored when Frankie and his family began to pull photos off their wall and show each one to us individually, telling us each one’s story. I loved being included in his family for a few hours and was greatly blessed by their sharing, open spirit.

I love my job

This woman just made me so happy. In a tiring, low-paying job, one could expect this woman to be indifferent to the children she took care of. Children came into the shelter and would leave just as quickly sometimes. But it was such a joy to see her REALLY smiling as she took care of the children. She played and laughed with them, actually talking with them with such care. It made me so happy that she could overcome what could have become just a job with the love she had for the children.


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